Code of Conduct

North Coast Ball Club Inc

Please note that registrations are not complete and team placement is not able to take place unless you have read, understood and agreed to abide by North Coast Ball Club's Code of Conduct.

Please be aware that Baseball and Softball players will be required to pay an Umpire Levy which is unable to be determined until teams are finalised and the Fixtures are received from Baseball WA and Softball WA. This Umpire Levy is worked out on the basis of "X Home Games" times X "Umpire Fee" divided by the number of team players. If the Umpire Levy is not paid prior to commencement of season or the Fee Payment Plan is not being met, the player will not be determined to take the diamond.

The purpose of North Coast Ball Club’s (NCBC) Code of Conduct is to ensure all Members, including players and parents and guardians of players, have a clear understanding of the conduct expected of them and represents a broad framework of ethical conduct our Members have an obligation to uphold. The Code of Conduct also provides a basis for disciplinary action for those who fail to meet their obligation.

Parent/Guardian Participation:

NCBC is a Club of volunteers and for our kids to get onto the field, we require all families to participate in helping the games happen. NCBC seek self-nominations for Team Officials however this does not guarantee you a Team Official role in your child’s team. The Team Official Roles are:

  • Coach

  • Assistant Coach

  • Manager

Plate Umpires are required for each game and NCBC will pay for your accreditation, likewise for your coaching accreditation. Please contact the appropriate Director to register your interest:

Should you not be allocated a Team Official role, you will be required throughout the season to assist with the following duties as allocated on the Team Roster provided by the Team Manager:

  • Base Coach

  • Base Umpire

  • Scoring

  • Canteen

  • Pitch Count (Baseball only)

  • other duties as required by the team

The Team Roster is per player not per family. If you have more than one child in a team you will be required to complete a rostered duty for each player.

NCBC Principles:

  1. NCBC has a ZERO tolerance policy to any behaviour that is detrimental to the Club and anyone that breaches the Code of Conduct, By-Laws and/or Constitution

  2. Tee-Ball, Machine Pitch, Baseball and Softball are for fun. Accept any mistakes as part of the learning process. Remember, when it comes to your child, they are playing for their enjoyment not yours.

  3. Encourage children to participate. Do NOT force them.

  4. Don’t leave your child at training or the game. Stay and support the team, volunteer to help and discuss your child’s progress with the Coach.

  5. Focus on the child’s efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.

  6. Applaud good play from all teams.




  1. Encourage your child to, and ensure you, always play within the rules of Tee-Ball, Machine Pitch, Baseball and Softball; and accept the Umpires decision.

  2. Never ridicule, abuse or yell at a child for making mistakes or losing a game.

  3. Offensive behaviour from parents/guardians and/or spectators is not acceptable under the rules Tee-Ball, Machine Pitch, Baseball and Softball. Stern action will be taken against offenders.

  4. Tee-Ball, Machine Pitch, Baseball and Softball are team games. Accept and understand that at all times when you or your child may be asked to take their turn on the bench.

  5. Not all players can be champions. Do NOT force an unwilling child to participate in the sport or expect more from your child than their best efforts.

  6. Respect Officials’ decisions and teach children to do likewise. Remember children learn best through examples.

  7. If you disagree with an Official or Coach, raise the issue through the appropriate channels rather than question the person in public.

  8. Foul language of any sort will not be tolerated.

  9. Support and encourage all of the team, not only your child, and remember that the Coach is there for the whole team and not individuals.

  10. As commitment to training is essential, the Coach must be advised if a player cannot attend a training session. Please note training for State Teams often takes place throughout the Christmas break.

  11. You must advise the Coach at your earliest convenience if you or your child is not going to be available for the game to enable changes to be implemented.

  12. Derisive comments aimed at an Umpire or Official are unacceptable and only bring the Club into disrepute.

  13. Show appreciation of volunteer Coaches, Umpires and Officials. Without them your child could not participate.

  14. Abide by all rules of NCBC’s affiliated bodies, TBAWA, Baseball WA and Softball WA.


Player and/or Parents/Guardians Consent

In registering yourself and/or your child/children to represent NCBC in Tee-Ball, Machine Pitch, Little League, Baseball and/or Softball you are agreeing to:

  • Abide by the NCBC Principles as stated above

  • Pay any outstanding fees or be meeting your payment arrangement with the NCBC Treasurer prior to your child/children and/or yourself being placed in a team. You understand that if you do not meet your payment arrangement your child/children and/or yourself will not be permitted to take the diamond and further action may be taken by NCBC to recoup outstanding monies

  • Only wear Team Shirts for games or when representing NCBC in an official capacity

  • Return the Team Shirt after the last game of the season and if this shirt is not returned or is returned damaged and in an unacceptable condition you understand you will be liable for the cost of a replacement shirt and will be invoiced for $45 Tee-Ball, $60 Softball and $90 Baseball. Failure to pay the invoices will result in further action being taken by NCBC

  • Agree and give consent for NCBC to seek medical assistant if required and you will be liable for any costs involved


I have been given a copy of the North Coast Ball Club Code of Behaviour; by signing* below I am confirming my understanding of the Code and my agreeance to abide by the Code. I understand that by refusing to sign the Code, myself or my child will not be permitted to take the Diamond and my/their registration may be cancelled and any fees paid refunded.

*Parents/Guardians of the player are to sign for players under 18 years of age. Where parents/guardians have more than one child in a team they are required to sign for each child

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